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Firstly we would like to thank you for supporting our Journey & Inspiring so many people building this ecosystem of sustainable lifestyle practitioners by propagating your knowledge!

We, Bamboo India is about to complete 4 years of this wonderful journey on 15th Aug 2020. This is a very special moment of all of us to announce achieving the milestone of 12,50,000+ kg plastic waste save/reduced with innovative Bamboo products and sold more than 30,00,000+ Bamboo toothbrushes so far.

Bamboo India is set up a new facility in Pimpri MIDC, Pune last year to produce 10,00,000 bamboo toothbrushes per month. The production has been started which supports 30+ staff and 1500 bamboo farmers and artisans across India to change the perception from poor man’s timber to wise man’s timber and making planet green again for our next generation.

This was not possible without the support of 40,000+ customers around 18 countries. Each one of our customter, stakeholders are role model for us. As a token of appreciation,

Bamboo India wants to acknowledge eco-warrior who really contributed to our journey by spreading awareness and setting up an example of leading from the front role.

We are nominate 9 personalities  who are our inspiration and torchbearer to society. Please join us to thanks and appreciate their contribution. 


‚ÄčTall Regards,

Yogesh S. Shinde
Social Entrepreneur
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