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Help me to fight a third frivolous $10Million lawsuit

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IMPROVE: due to the help of numerous, my appropriate group has navigated a dismissal to your lawsuit that is second prejudice. This week, a 3rd $10Million lawsuit appeared. Browse the story that is full:

I’m a designer by training that one time had a bulb minute. This minute led me to keep my secure and safe $120,000 each year work and job to create a online dating sites business I called Cheekd. Once I established, we “did it appropriate” by putting the trademarks, technology, and patents in position to make certain I became protected. We additionally had lovers and strategists, and of course my grit that is own and as a foundation.

One of the best possibilities of my entire life arrived when I’d the possibility to pitch my startup Cheekd on an bout of Shark Tank. But that time has additionally placed me in the cross hairs of somebody whom viewed a re-airing of the episode. Couple of years later on, that exact same individual called me in a $1 million lawsuit that stated he “invented” the concept behind my business, while additionally accusing their previous specialist in identical lawsuit of sharing their so-called innovation beside me. The catch is the fact that the specialist and I also have not met along with never ever talked and failed to understand of each and every other until this lawsuit. And regardless of this fact – and despite my having conceived of and commenced building the business enterprise before he also started therapy because of the above referenced therapist – it took over 10 months and $50,000 to have the instance right in front of the judge whom dismissed the lawsuit in a pre-trial meeting.

Straight Straight Back? Well here’s where it gets crazier. Because without reproach, the exact same person whoever situation had recently been trashed significantly less than twelve months ago, has tendered a moment lawsuit against me personally containing exactly the same allegations! Such is the world that is kafka-esque I’ve discovered myself thrust into.

Therefore like a movie that is terrible keeps producing sequels no body ever asked for, he came ultimately back. This time around, the stakes skyrocketed into a whole new $5 million lawsuit against myself, my company while the specialist. The suit also requested inventor’s liberties to my patent! Further, he asked not just for a “cease and desist” purchase for Cheekd, but in addition for our startup business spinoff Networkd, a Bluetooth networking software. Happily, the judge dismissed the $5 million claims, but I happened to be nevertheless obligated to fight the creator liberties problem. I discovered myself once again fighting to guard all that We have actually produced within the last 12 years by investing over $100,000 that i really do not need to save what exactly is mine.

After almost two years and 7 months protecting my concept, my company and my patent in 2 back once again to back lawsuits, Honorable Judge Englemayer directed the Federal Court of NY to enter judgement for the defendants (ME!) also to “shut this instance” as “no reasonable juror can find that he’s eligible to be detailed being a joint inventor.”

Just a few days later, the threequel arrived — a whole new $10 Million lawsuit in NYC’s Supreme Court for defamation {and all types of types of other frivolous claims.

From my conversations and investigations, it really is clear why these forms of frivolous legal actions are epidemic and also the PR support that is best, strategic advisors and board of directors cannot assist overcome. And even though a worker of a business is protected, a person who boldly follows their very own eyesight and chases their particular ambitions is virtually unprotected through the absurdity of legal actions claiming your concept is certainly not actually yours.

Even though plaintiff’s legal actions have efficiently damaged my company, please assist me continue steadily to fight this battle by donating what you could. While you might understand. I am the lady that never ever threw in the towel and never ever will. 100% of the thing I raise is certainly going straight into fighting this instance until justice will prevail ultimately.

We appreciate you finding the time to read and ideally share my tale as well as for your consideration in donating to my cause.

********Please no comments that are negative these kinds of reviews (the general public’s responses) have actually added in my opinion finding myself in this mess.*******

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