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Story of Bamboo India!

Enough has been said about detriments of using plastic products and necessity of avoiding them. Several industries and innovators across the globe are experimenting tirelessly and bringing out numerous alternates to plastic. We, at Bamboo India, identified the need of the hour and decided to contribute to the cause by all possible means, thus pledging to reduce one million kilograms of plastic from the world by end of year 2017. We know the aim sounds too ambitious but we are also hopeful and determined, thanks to the support offered by hundreds of customers and partners like you!

To achieve our target of reducing one million kilograms of plastic from the world, we launched products that would be almost as durable as plastic, yet much more creative and environment-friendly. Yes, the substitute products we offer are made from Bamboo, which is simply the largest (or tallest, to be specific!) grass on the earth. Native species of Bamboo are abundantly available on almost all continents, from the coastal South Pacific islands to the Himalayan mountains. The availability and affordability, along with other peculiar characteristics like craftability and durability, make Bamboo the most preferred and widely used material for variety of household utilities and decorative items. It is also interesting to know the reasons behind popularity of Bamboo as a raw material…

With its three-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration, Bamboo is considered to be a uniquely efficient and responsible resource. Bamboo typically reaches its full height and width within the first twelve months of its life. During the next few years, its cell walls continue to thicken and grow stronger until it reaches peak maturity, usually between five and seven years. Strength of Bamboo can be compared with the compressive force of concrete and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel. Though Bamboo has traditionally been used throughout Asia, new treatment methods have given it a further longer lifespan. The material used for Bamboo India products is selectively harvested from local sources, is treated ecologically, then lab tested to confirm its durability and integrity.

We, at Bamboo India, are proud to offer a collection of unique handcrafted products. These Bamboo products provide versatility of use, they add to the beauty of your house, they are quite traditional and innovative at the same time, apart from being 100 percent pollution-free and environment-friendly. There are products like Acoustic Bamboo Speaker and Mobile Docking Station, Handcrafted Bamboo Bullock Cart, Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Office Desk Organizer, etc. We are offering these products for sale through our website, as well as launching a collaborative model of social entrepreneurship, through which you will not only help us make the planet greener again, but also support empowerment of artisans from the rural and tribal regions of India. 

We are appealing to businessmen and professionals out there, to join hands with us. We are offering Bamboo India products to you on a reseller model, where you would be promoting use of environment-friendly and pollution-free Bamboo products to your customers and patrons. For example, if you are a dentist, you could suggest replacing plastic toothbrushes with Bamboo Toothbrushes and also sell these at your clinics. We would be more than happy to share the profits with you because we know it’s not for the income, but for the outcome!

Do contact us to know more about the collaborative model of social entrepreneurship at Bamboo India. Also, check and buy Bamboo products online at Let us together make this planet greener again…

Tall Regards,
Team ‘Bamboo India’