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Payday Loans Less Expensive than Checking Overdraft Charges or PrePaid Debit Cards?

We have written articles and blogs roiling from the loan industry that is payday. But, can payday advances may be cheaper than bank account charges or debit that is prepaid?

In accordance with a report because of the consulting company Bretton Woods Inc, U.S. banks recognize the reality that middle-income group clients provide the potential that is greatest to harvest charges. The majority of these costs are bank account overdraft fees, accounting for more than 90 % of all of the bank costs.

Three quarters of banking institutions immediately enroll customers inside their “overdraft security” programs without formal permission, and much more than 50 % of banking institutions manipulate your order by which checks are cleared to trigger multiple overdraft charges.

Fee Earnings

  • Bank and credit union earnings from non-sufficient funds (NSF) and overdraft system (ODP) charges surpass $34.7 billion.
  • NSF/ODP cost income by state ranges from almost $40 million in Wyoming to $3.2 billion in Texas.

NSF/ODP Expense per Domestic

  • The nationwide annual NSF expense per home with checking accounts is more or less $343.
  • Active households (thought as the 20.2 million households with credit or bank union records whom compose nearly all NSF products) spend $1,374 in yearly NSF charges.

Payday advances vs Overdraft Costs

Listed here is reality that could be difficult to swallow — overdraft fees could be more costly than payday advances. Here you will find the calculations:

$100 advance incurs an $18 fee. $100 bounced check incurs a $35 overdraft cost.

Pretty easy to understand that will be cheaper. Now we have been maybe perhaps not encouraging the application of payday advances!! You can get into extremely serious difficulty using out a quick payday loan. Loan charges frequently ensure it is impossible in order for them to spend down their loans with future paychecks.

Prepaid credit card Costs vs Overdraft Costs

A much better substitute for payday advances could be a debit card that is prepaid. These cards typically cost $70 to $80 per year ($10 upfront with a $5 month-to-month cost). Users direct-deposit their paychecks on the cards (the income is FDIC-insured) and will do point-of-sale deals and pay bills online. There are not any overdraft charges; the acquisition is declined in the event that card is empty.

Prepaid cards may also be helpful you for those who have a mark that is black ChexSystems, the “credit history” of checking records. Prepaid cards usually do not look you over via ChexSystems, so that you may not be rejected.

Take note: We just talked about the options to accounts that are checking offer you a sense of real expenses. In the event that you definitely can not handle your bank checking account, perhaps you should think about one of these. Needless to say, you can prevent overdraft fees by just keeping better track of your account balances if you already have a checking account.

Overdraft Charges by Bank

(Table information is taken from site survey carried out by Bretton Woods, Inc, on 15, 2008 december)


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